Family Litigation

Family Litigation

Family law is a cluster of various legislations concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such as marriage, adoption, divorce, maintenance, wills, succession and child custody. Family law in whole, includes personal laws applicable to Hindus, Muslims, Parsis and Christians in India.

At NRI Legal Consultants, we have specially skilled lawyers who deal in nri divorce matters, cancellation of false FIRs which have been registered because of the pendency of maintenance matters, adoption matters, and the whole gamut of family litigation.

Services provided by us:

  • Representation in Women Cell as well as NRI Commission in case of filing of a complaint against an NRI
  • Representation in cases relating to Domestic Violence
  • Representation in Divorce Cases in District Courts
  • Filing of Declaratory Decree in case divorce has been granted by a Foreign Court
  • Get your Marriage declared Null and Void
  • Representation in Permanent Alimony matters
  • Representation in Divorce Appeals in High Court
  • Getting Maintenance for wife under Hindu law or Muslim Law
  • Getting maintenance for parents or children under various provisions of Law
  • Adoption of a Child under Indian Law
  • Representation in Child Custody Dispute
  • Getting a share of children in the property of parents
  • Cancellation of Transfer deeds by parents in case NRI children fail to maintain old and infirm parents

Need A Consultant?

We Provide a one-time free legal consultation relating to all your NRI related enquiries in India. This consultation includes a proper review of your legal- enquire/case and a phone call with one of our Attorneys. Our team believes that it is very important to understand our clients before they engage us as their attorneys. 

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From Our Clients

Sehrab Singh Benipal 

Owner, Benipal kisan kender 

A Amazing Team of lawyers, who actually care about their clients, they handled my criminal matter in which i was falsely implicated, in a very professional manner. There monthly legal report through which they updated me regarding the status of my case is a very helpful tool, this way of working was something new to me and it was great”

Jaspreet Benipal demonstrated his legal expertise and knowledge when my siblings and I hired him to assist us with property cases after our father’s passing. We needed the proper explanation about the legal process, especially being raised in the United States. His interaction with us, along with guidance gave the comfort and knowledge needed for legal issues that can be overwhelming.

Geena Raju

NRI legal consultants has very professional lawyers and it is one of the most trusted legal firm. They settled my property matter quickly and smoothly. NRI legal consultants is strongly recommended

Naina Malhotra

Excellent service! The team is really knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Also, they’re helping who cannot afford a lawyer, which is in contrast to other law firms in India as they are genuinely trying to provide legal assistance to everyone. So, don’t hesitate to contact them for any kind of legal assistance. Thank you!

Preet Pal Kaur

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