Title search Punjab
Title search Punjab

Title Search

We here at NRI Legal consultants assist our clients in providing a completed Title Search Report, in which we accumulate the latest Title records of the property. We further verify to see if there are any pending loans on the property and if the property has not been mortgaged with any bank.

It’s pertinent for NRIs to comprehend the notion that they need to be in control of their immovable assets, whether it’s Residential, Commercial or Agricultural. NRI’s should not believe the words of their relatives or friends and should do there own due diligence. As we have heard in the news and probably have few incidents in our own families, where it’s usually the relatives or our friends back at home who turn hostile and illegally transfer the Immovable properties of NRI’s; hence, it’s important for every NRI to be in control of their property and have the latest property records.

 Especially in the Punjab region, where White collars crimes are on the rise lately, it’s vital for every Non-resident-Indian (NRI), including Foreign nationals, to conduct a title search report every few years. This way, the original owners can know that their assets have not been tampered with, and they are still the original owner of the property. Sometimes Credit limits are taken on the land of the NRI’s without their mandate and proper consent from them by their relatives or caretakers. Later on, when this Credit limit is not paid off, the banks step in and take possession of the land.

Our Team accumulates documents such Jamabandi, details of all the Khasras numbers, Mutuation details, etc. Jamabandi is one of the most important documents of land revenue, which is prepared as part of a “record of rights”.One Jamabandi is prepared for every village. Whenever any changes are made in the Jamabandi e.g., Change in the name of the owner, mortgage, lease, gift, such changes are incorporated in the remarks column of the Jamabandhi along with reference number of the relevant register.

Even when you are buying any new immovable property in India, you must conduct your due diligence before investing your hard-earned money. Most of the time, the property dealers in Punjab will not disclose all the particular details about the property, e.g., mortgage, lease, etc. It’s important that you know if the property is either mortgaged or not and if there is any lease on the property as such. From an Investor perspective, its relevant that you know all the detail pertaining to the property that you wish to invest in.

Property Title Search can be done online as well; however, for some areas in Punjab, the revenue department has not uploaded the latest Land records; hence, we suggest its best to get the land records from the revenue office directly. Our team will visit the site where the property is situated and send you a completed Title search report, along with Latest pictures of the property, and translations of the Jamabandi records and other significant documents. All the documents’ would be scrutinized by our property lawyers to verify that there is no tampering with any of the records. 

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We Provide a one-time free legal consultation relating to all your NRI related enquiries in India. This consultation includes a proper review of your legal- enquire/case and a phone call with one of our Attorneys. Our team believes that it is very important to understand our clients before they engage us as their attorneys. 

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From Our Clients

Jaspreet Benipal demonstrated his legal expertise and knowledge when my siblings and I hired him to assist us with property cases after our father’s passing. We needed the proper explanation about the legal process, especially being raised in the United States. His interaction with us, along with guidance gave the comfort and knowledge needed for legal issues that can be overwhelming.

Geena Raju

NRI legal consultants has very professional lawyers and it is one of the most trusted legal firm. They settled my property matter quickly and smoothly. NRI legal consultants is strongly recommended

Naina Malhotra

Excellent service! The team is really knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Also, they’re helping who cannot afford a lawyer, which is in contrast to other law firms in India as they are genuinely trying to provide legal assistance to everyone. So, don’t hesitate to contact them for any kind of legal assistance. Thank you!

Preet Pal Kaur

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